One of the six helpers of Darius in killing Gaumāta in September 522 mentioned by Herodotus. He was appointed as Darius' lance carrier (arštibara). He is represented on the Behistun inscription and on Darius' tomb in Naqsh-e Rustam, as "Gobryas from Pâtišuvariš, the lance carrier of king Darius"
" the ancient Persians who invented subterranean canals to run water through deserts while other civilizations simply lived near rivers, Gobryas team feel in their bloods to change the world by seeing the world in a different ways, and knowing that their life purpose is to make mankind's life more useful and more enjoyable .
Gobryas team was founded by two visionary teenagers who believe the old ways are no longer needed, every night and day they are looking for a way to improve mankind's lifestyle and to find new ways to prevent damaging the mother nature."

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