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One of the six helpers of Darius in killing Gaumāta in September 522 mentioned by Herodotus. He was appointed as Darius' lance carrier (arštibara). He is represented on the Behistun inscription and on Darius' tomb in Naqsh-e Rustam.


The ancient Persians, who invented subterranean canals to run water through deserts while other civilizations simply lived near rivers. Gobryas team feel in their blood to change the world by seeing the world in different ways, and knowing that their life purpose is to make mankind's life more useful and more enjoyable .


Gobryas team was founded by two visionary teenagers who believe the old ways are no longer needed. Every night and day they are looking for a way to improve mankind's lifestyle and to find new ways to prevent damaging the mother nature.

Yesterday's creative students, are today's Gobryas founders. They jeopardized their study lives by thinking of Gobryas all the time, because they believe in a better future.

Mahdi Yousefian, tweeted :

,, We’re a startup company called @GobryasTeam and our primary target is to eliminate usage of paper and to redesign the outdated education system in order to make it more effective for both students and teachers while helping to save our planet.
— Mahdi Yousefiyan (@MYousefiyan) Mar 20, 2019

Everthing started during a math exam when the examiner told all the students loudly about a misspelled word, causing a problem in question number four and asked them to correct it. All the students sadly ignored the idea behind it other than two of them. These two people missed the exam, but an idea started in their minds: What if papers could be updated with improvement of misspellings? Question number four is beginning of our story.

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